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Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha is a trusted and diversified Female Rehab Centre In Kalyan focused on improving addicts lives through our special rehabilitation treatment program. Though, our rehab treatment program has prepared while keeping in mind to recover patient's lives naturally through counselling sessions, dance sessions, fitness classes and more.      

We, as Female Rehab Centre In Kalyan endeavour to provide superior quality healthcare solutions & services to our patients at lowest prices to achieve medical excellence. Thus, different types of our comprehensive techniques, correct diagnosis and step by step treatment makes us the best rehab centre in Kalyan among audience.

Amongst women, the issue of abuse substances such as alcohol & drugs is something, which has produced community problems for decades. It is found that if a woman is struggling with drugs & alcohol addiction, then there may be co-existing emotional & mental stress. Our Best Female Rehab Centre In Kalyan has become one solution in order to handle the problem at affordable rates.

If you are women and struggling with alcohol & drugs addiction problem, get in touch with our Female Rehab Centre In Kalyan where you can learn best options to get rid of addiction problem.

Listed below are the fundamental factors that lead women to drugs & alcohol addiction:

•    Physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

•    Peer pressure.

•    Domestic Violence

•    Low self-esteem.

•    Victims of main crimes against women such as rape, kidnapping and other aggression issues.

•    Other emotional issues including depression & anxiety.

We do not only help women to overcome an addiction problem but also help in identifying the resource of their addiction to diminish the chances of deterioration. For many female patients, our rehab centre results in a more effective & comfortable experience. Visit our official website or call us now to experience our de-addiction services.
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