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In today's era, people are getting addicted to drugs & alcohol in their daily life. Whether young or old, males & females, rich or poor everyone can have this addiction problem in their specific life.

If you are one facing this addiction problems that create difficulty in your life, then you need to come in contact with the best rehab centre. You need not to worry because you are not alone to fight with the drugs & alcohol addiction problem.

We, at Female Rehabilitation Centre In Kalyan truly understands the pain that the family members & friends of addict suffer. That's why the facilities, treatment and advice offered by us enhance the entire condition of an addicted patient.

The experienced team of professional counsellors at our Top Female Rehabilitation Centre In Kalyan produce various treatment program for our patients. And the program includes meditation & yoga, counselling, specially designed group & individual therapies helps the women in finding out their life's goals & objectives.  

Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha, as a Best Female Rehabilitation Centre In Kalyan offers the comprehensive guide to de-addiction so that women can easily get back to their normal life. After measuring the patient requirements only, our qualified counsellors & experts generate a customized recommendation based on their needs.

We know that looking for an addiction help and going through with the rehabilitation process, can be a challenging task. But the de-addiction services offered by us will save a life of an addict and re-establish their families as well. However, for many people, the intensive form of our treatment provides the greatest possibility in order to break their addiction's cycle and attain a new start. 

So, if any addicted patient is looking for the positive changes towards their life, contact us today. We are always happy to assist you further in a better way with the specific requirements of our patients.

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